The multiplicity of life and the passions that enliven it.

From a scientific and technical career to the more artistic one of photography... there are so many exciting fields to explore.

Photography is as much a matter of rigour as of fantasy, of technique as of sensitivity. Photography is for everyone and is made to be shared.
A photograph is a forum to exchange views between the photographer and his subject, his model, but is also for those others who see it, observe it and translate it.
Photography can offer what we are looking for, what we want and sometimes what we bring to it. Also, each viewpoint is different, each interpretation is personal and each vision is unique.
This is what makes up the richness of the photo which focuses the emotion.
Photography can be compared to literature. in which you read the story and form your images in your mind. With photography you build your story from your images, your own story.
The two worlds lead you to dream, to escape.

Ultimately, what leads me and inspires me is sharing my story with you and perhaps being able to awaken the stars in your eyes.
Welcome to my universe, which I would like to share with you, for just a little while.....

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